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You’re used to your music being portable—listening in the car or at work—and it’s easy to accept a lower quality of sound when you’re on the go. But when you’re at home, you should never have to sacrifice quality for portability. With your favorite streaming services built into every Custom Home system, and the Triad line of speakers, audio switches, and amplifiers, you can now bring the concert experience into your home and enjoy incredibly refined sound throughout every room in the house. From Mozart to Metallica, listen to the music the way the artist intended it to be heard.



Whether you’re a casual listener, an audio enthusiast, or an audiophile, you should love the way your music sounds. Our Custom Home System brings great-sounding music to every room of the house. From the content to the amplifiers and speakers, the Triad audio line from Control4 has been engineered specifically to combat low-quality, lifeless music. We welcome you to...Experience it. Feel it. Remember it.


Unleash Your Audio


A distributed audio system brings high-quality sound to various spaces within your home or business based on your needs and preferences. The speakers can be set to work in conjunction, providing a consistent experience as you move between rooms. Advanced systems allow you to choose different audio feeds for different spaces, letting you shift the sound based on the mood of the room. Whether you want to connect to your television to experience movie sound that rivals that of theaters, connect your smartphone for streaming audio, or tune in your favorite radio stations, you are sure to find a multi-zone audio system that will work for you. With The A/V Guys installing a distributed audio system in Ontario for your home or office is made simple. Our experts provide a seamless distributed audio system using only the highest quality technology on the market, turning your home or office space into the ultimate sound machine, no matter what you are using it for.


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When you mesh your multi-room audio experience with a Control4 home automation system, you can give even more life to your listening. Imagine this: Gradually waking each morning to a Spotify playlist that slowly increases in volume in the master bedroom and bathroom areas, and auto-starts in the kitchen a half hour later. After a long day, ask Alexa to welcome you home. Pandora streams overhead while the lights rise to greet you, the shades close for the evening, and the door locks behind you.The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. By combining the brilliance of Control4 with our Triad line of audio solutions, life at home will be more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable.


The best way to get a whole-home audio system that sounds fantastic, blends with your home’s décor, fits your lifestyle, and can be enjoyed for years and years, is to work with an experienced audio professional. We Are Certified by Control4 ready to support you and your system every step of the way. The A/V Guys will carefully assess your audio wants and needs and establish a solid foundation that works for today and what you may want in the future. Many of our customers maintain long-standing relationships with us, as their families grow and technology is added into their home we're glad to part of their future. 


Whatever your vision, we’re here to make it happen. Contact us today for more information and next steps.

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