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Choosing the right security system is key to success DSC's NEO & Control4.

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Control4 was a perfect choice for our clients home in Thornhill, Ontario. Our business has always been about customer relationships, and we do that best ! So we know Security was important from sitting and gathering knowledge, about our clients expectations. 'The system controlling our home must be capable of integrating with our Security System.' Right away we chose DSC. Power Series NEO was a good solution as it hand-shakes with Control4.

I know by adding the Control functions to the TV displays would offer so much more conveniences for them such as displaying the zone information right on the TV's, 'now that is cool'.

Some other information is how the back-end system and the DSC NEO function well together, and can push and notify you about any home hazard issues, such as a Sump Over Flowing.

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