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AV Guys has a strong foundation in providing advanced and user-friendly home integration solutions in the Greater Toronto Area. With expertise in audio/video setups, home theater systems, and smart home automation, you're well-equipped to cater to a range of customer needs. Your emphasis on ease of use and convenience, backed by significant experience and partnerships with brands like Control4 and Crestron, positions you well in the market. If you need any assistance or specific information about your industry, feel free to ask!

Make a Appointment to visit one of our Staff. You can call Steven Rotenberg at (647)718-8765.




The goal behind all our projects is to create tailored technology solutions that facilitate and elevate your day-to-day lifestyle.

We strive to earn your trust and make you a client for life by delivering unprecedented performance, reliability and ease-of-use systems that you can enjoy across multiple bedrooms, or offices.

Our professional staff is there to guide you in the right direction to help with product based on your needs and wants. We have so much to offer our clients for their projects.

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