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Linear Lighting by Environmental Lights

Working with Environmental Lights for a Korean Restaurant in Vaughan, Ontario. The new owner’s of Hae wa Dal(해와달) asked us

after installing a Sound Solution, TV’s, and our Control System by Control4 to also install a Lighting solution inside their Coves. So we suggested something that offered colours using RGBW by Environmental Lights. These linear Lights will not flicker through any video recordings as they are a proven series of LEDS.

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Membro desconhecido
11 de mar.

A very good setup indeed and it is beneficial for both my office and home. There was a problem with electricity in my town and due to which I had to study in the dark and it caused weak eyesight! I was not able to do my online english class for which I had to hire someone to take my online English Communication Class because of my eyesight problem!


Membro desconhecido
11 de mar.

What an amazing lighting setup it is, A good lighting setup is a must done measure for productive office works, recently some of the lights stopped working in my office and bad light really made it difficult to work. Working continuously in bad light caused me headache and was unable to do any other thing reaching home. I was really not even able to complete my assignment and had to get help from UK Assignment Service to complete my assignment.

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